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June 21th, 2010

Anabella Pattern By Gail Pittman: Home Decor and Dinnerware

Annabella is a classic hand painted dinnerware pattern that complements any dinnerware set already in use or you can simply build a complete set of  your own. It is a pattern that is perfect for any occasion weather it be a dinner party, thanksgiving event, or Christmas with the family you cant go wrong. Sure to impress your guests when throwing a dinner party she has over 100 patterns to choose from. It is also perfect for a quiet meal at home with your family. And if you are looking for the perfect gift you can't go wrong with a Gail Pittman Annabella dinnerware set.

A classic hand painted dinnerware patter that complements and kitchen by Gail Pittman is a design called Annabella.

Gail Pittman was inspired to create this dinnerware pattern with thought of a southern plantation. The design and colors will compliment any kitchen tableware set. The Annabella pattern is not exclusive to dinnerware only it ranges from home décor, to linens, to tableware. The Annabella collection also includes spoon rest's, Pitcher's, vases and  a beautiful hand painted cross. Gail Pittman’s Annabella collection adds a touch of artistry to any home. Her dinnerware comes in second to none when comparison to anything on the market.

Gail Pittman has been designing hand painted ceramic dinnerware for over thirty years. All of the dinnerware and accessories are microwave and dishwasher safe. Annabella is one of one hundred Gail Pittman's original patterns. Personally one of my favorites this design is aw inspiring! The Annabella pattern has been and still is one of our most popular designs. So if you are looking for a n eye attracting dinnerware pattern for your home Gil Pittman's collections are the perfect fit for you.

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Amber Eidman