Hand Crafted Pottery and Famous Southern Dinnerware

Gail Pittman is the first lady of hand painted pottery and Southern dinnerware in America. She is an artistic icon in the field of modern kitchen designs, because every piece is a work of art and a labor of love. There are few companies in business today, that offer products that receive the personal attention like those made by Gail Pittman. Her unique and stylish kitchen designs are colorful, but made in the classic standard familiar to kitchens around the globe.

The true craftsmanship shown in every Gail Pittman piece is stunning. Seeing such beautifully detailed work in kitchenware is rare to find, but that is what makes the Gail Pittman collections a treasure. Take a journey into fine crafted elegance for the home and see what beautiful kitchenware is available for your home, let Gail Pittman introduce you to hand crafted excellence. Nothing compares in modern dinnerware or hand painted pottery.

Gail Pittman sees every designer piece or purchased item, as an enhancement of the household. She has been crafting designer gifts for the home, kitchen and restaurant dining for over 29 years. All her designs are creations made to promote hospitality and the natural beauty in every home. Her products aren’t just kitchen items, but utilize color combinations that help to evoke casual elegance within the overall household atmosphere. All products by Gail Pittman are designed to be useful and colorful, so their very presence will inspire the home where they reside.

Gail Pittman believes in the products she creates with her whole heart. Her creativity is expressed in her hand painted pottery and designer dinnerware. Each of her products is made for the home, but is equally perfect for more formal settings, as well. Her goal is to give customers superior products that are useful and inspiring for any setting.

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