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Baby Jesus Ornaments


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gail pittman

The Baby Jesus Ornament

Gail Pittman is a gifted and renowned artist who creates pieces that both catch the eye and elevate the spirit. Her Baby Jesus Ornament is a sensitive, heartfelt rendering of the birth of the Christ Child on that Christmas Eve so very long ago. This ornament will enhance the holiday decor of any home and add to the joyous spirit of the holiday season.

The Christmas story is all about the glorious birth of the Christ Child. This wonderful Baby Jesus Ornament displays that very special birth in a colorful, creative and inspirational way. And like so many of life's inspirational moments, this one occurred when Gail was traveling far from home, just like the Wise Men did on their journey to Bethlehem. During a trip to France, she became enthralled by the illuminated manuscripts created in medieval monasteries that dated back to the 8th century. The monks who labored there in anonymity, silence and absolute faith created some of the most breathtakingly beautiful renditions of the Holy Scripture known to man. Gail Pittman has succeeded in interpreting their ancient renderings in a completely modern, yet respectful way.

The Baby Jesus Ornament is one of the most well known of Gail Pittman's holiday designs. It also happens to be one of her personal favorites. Let it join your collection of holiday ornaments and be one of you favorites too.

Gail Pittman
Baby Jesus Ornament

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