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Carolers Ornamnet

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Carolers Ornamnet


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gail pittman

The Carolers Ornament

Who doesn't love Christmas carols and the sound of holiday carolers outside your home, people you usually think of as friends and neighbors transformed into an enthusiastic, if sometimes frostbitten and slightly out of tune, heavenly choir. Or maybe you chose to join them in their round, spreading good cheer and tidings throughout the neighborhood. If you'd like to purchase a special Christmas decoration to celebrate that sight and sound, Gail Pittman's Carolers Ornament is the right one for you. The bright colors and precise designs provide your home with the perfect festive atmosphere for a festive time of year. Mass produced ornaments lack the individual beauty and personal expression an artist such as Gail Pittman brings to her work. Her Carolers Ornament is no exception, revealing her deep love of a traditional Christmas celebrated in traditional ways. Gail Pittman loves the work she has been called upon to do, and it shows as she strives to tell people the story of the Christ Child in all its beauty and glory through the creation of stunning works of art.

Mass produced ornaments lack the personal conviction and touch of Gail Pittman's beautifully hand painted creations. They can never be that way as they are not inspired by her abiding love of the Savior and his everlasting Christmas story. Share her love of the Christmas spirit by making the Carolers Ornament a part of your holidays.

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