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Dove Ornament

Dove Ornament


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gail pittman

The Dove Ornament

The Gail Pittman Dove Ornament is part of the now discontinued Christmas Memories Collection and comes in two design variations. Both show the picture of a dove, the traditional symbol for peace and the Holy Spirit. The first design is painted on an oval ornament in Christmas red and green. It depicts a dove perched on a Christmas tree adorned with assorted holiday ornaments. A hook is included with the ornament so it can be easily and safely hung on your tree.

The other design measures approximately 4 X 3 inches tall and is made completely of porcelain. It is fashioned to look like a dove in flight and is hand-painted in red, green and gold. This is a definite collector's item. No two ornaments are alike, and it comes nestled in its very own, fitted, red velvet box; making it a real treasure to present to someone as a unique Christmas gift. Each Dove Ornament is personally signed by Gail Pittman and comes with a red ribbon to hang it on your tree. With so many “cookie cutter” ornaments out there, it's truly a refreshing change to be able to acquire a truly "one-off" piece. Though no longer available directly through Gail Pittman, the Dove Ornament can be purchased on E-Bay as well as other pottery wholesaler sites.

Gail Pittman
Dove Ornament

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