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Little Drummer Boy Ornament

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Little Drummer Boy Ornament


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gail pittman

The Little Drummer Boy Ornament

Who hasn't heard the Christmas story and song of the Little Drummer Boy. And now that story can occupy a place on your tree with the addition of Gail Pittman's Little Drummer Boy Ornament. The ornament has a classic bell shape with the edges cleverly cut to give the impression of a freshly baked holiday cookie. The drummer boy sits in the center of the scene. He is the picture of innocence, his arms raised over his drum, sticks in hand, ready to begin his merry tune. In the background, Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus rest and watch, waiting for the song to begin.

Gail Pittman's Little Drummer Boy Ornament is hand painted to perfection. The gilded edges that frame the drummer boy resemble illustrations from the medieval ages. Gail Pittman says she was inspired by 8th century monks who painstakingly translated the gospels into exquisite illuminated manuscripts. The rich, yellow-gold background of the ornament is reminiscent of the gold-gilt used in those manuscripts and makes the red, blue, and green costumes worn by the characters stand out even more.

This unique ornament will surely be a hit with adults and children alike at all your Christmas celebrations. Whether you hang this ornament on your tree or give it as a gift, Gail Pittman's Little Drummer Boy Ornament will bring joy and fun to every holiday home.

Gail Pittman
Little Drummer Boy Ornament

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