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Manger Ornament

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Manger Ornament


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The Manger Ornament

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to gather the family around for for good food and good conversation while decorating the Christmas tree. Collecting new Christmas tree ornaments is a holiday tradition in itself, usually requiring multiple shopping excursions to the mall and all around the Internet. Each old ornament always brings back memories of all those wonderful family Christmases gone by while each new ornament creates new memories for the future. Decorating the tree is an opportunity to bring your family closer together and spend precious, fun moments with your loved ones. Each traditional and decorative ornament is what makes your Christmas tree yours alone, a unique symbol of family ties and love.

This year, adorn your Christmas tree with this beautiful, ceramic Manger Ornament. Its distinctive, hand-painted design depicts a colorful figure of baby Jesus in a manger. Three bright Christmas stars shine overhead, and the scene is painted against a serene, pastel blue background. The festive Manger Ornament brings out the beauty and joy in celebrating the birth of Christ.

Christmas tree ornaments are beautiful keepsakes that are meant to last. They are decorative symbols that capture the spirit and true meaning of Christmas. Enrich the tradition of Christmas and enhance the quality of your holiday decor by adding this high quality, custom designed, Manger Ornament to your home.

Gail Pittman
Manger Ornament

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