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Stary Night Ornament

† Nights of Wonder

Stary Night Ornament


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The Stary Night Ornament

Creating a pleasant home interior is a tricky and somewhat elusive proposition. It takes more than selecting good quality furniture, laying expensive flooring and purchasing top-of-the-line linens to create a home with a warm, welcoming vibe. The fabrics and patterns along with small, but important touches in the form of ornaments, wall decorations and tableware; all contribute to a home where people feel safe, happy and in tune with themselves and their environment.

Gail Pittman’s hand-painted collections of dinnerware, decorations and home accessories have long enjoyed their well-deserved popularity. Produced with supreme skills and taste, the ornaments are created in beautiful shapes and are fairly bursting with bright, lavish colors. Her products are instantly recognizable for their quality and imaginative patterns – rich in variety, yet complementary to each other.

The Starry Night Ornament is part of Gail Pittman’s new Christmas collection and is especially suitable for the holiday time of the year. Painted in her trademark lively shades, sparkling and attractive, the Starry Night Ornament brings a sense of wonder and happiness that will enrich any home setting by adding a festive, celebratory note to the environment. Used alone or in combination with other items from her collections, Gail Pittman's stunning Starry Night Ornament will enliven the mood and complete the interior decor, telling family and visitors alike that this is a place where love and beauty are cherished in equal measure.

Gail Pittman
Stary Night Ornament

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