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Blue Bird Planter

Easter 5"

Blue Bird Planter


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gail pittman

Blue Bird Planter

Gail Pittman’s five-inch Blue Bird Planter in her trademark whisper blue glaze is a perfect Easter gift for someone you love or for yourself. It will make whatever you plant in it spring to life and delight you with its place in your home. Pair the Blue Bird Planter with an eight-inch whisper blue Easter Trumpet Vase, and you'll have a lovely pair of hand painted ceramics to dress up whatever space you think needs a touch more brightness and creativity.

Gail's unique creations inspire joy, love, and a feeling of homey hospitality. Inspired by color and form, she says she paints designs that make her heart sing. This little blue bird, nestled safely on its tiny tree stump, seems almost ready to join her in that heart song. Add a few small flowers or herbs to the Blue Bird Planter and you'll have a delightful addition to your kitchen windowsill. Or display it alongside its red, green and white counterparts from Gail Pittman.

The Gail Pittman Collection offers more than 170 high-quality products in 15 different hand painted designs, a spectacular collection of tableware and ceramic decorations inspired in large part by her travels all around the world. Whether the inspiration for this blue bird came from those travels or from her own backyard, it will inspire your imagination and uplift your spirits no matter where you place it in your home.

Gail Pittman

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