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MultiPurpose Hand Painted Dinnerware Sets

serving platter


Serving Platter


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gail pittman

Serving Platter

Annabella Dinnerware Set

The Annabella Designer Platters are designed to showcase food that's as much fun to arrange and look at as it is to eat. Picture them filled with artful arrangements of delicate petit-fours or gourmet cookies, the kind of display that often elicits a gasp followed by a "how can I make up my mind" response from guests. Whether you're a gourmet chef trained in the art of food presentation or a home cook who enjoys laying out an appetizing spread, the Annabella Designer Platters offer stylish platforms upon which to work your culinary magic. There are two sizes available, an 11" long and a 15" long. They can be purchased separately, but to use them to best advantage, consider buying the pair along with their custom-fitting, ironwork stand.

The Annabella Designer Platters are made of restaurant-grade, hand-painted ceramic. They are microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe; modern day heirlooms meant to stand up to the bustle of modern life. Whether you use them every day or only trot them out on special occasions, they will occupy a place in your home for many years to come.

Gail Pittman has been designing and selling fine, hand painted pottery for three decades. She can also create unique custom pieces for special occasions such as weddings, corporate functions and fundraisers. Shipping is free on orders of $250 and up, and refunds are guaranteed on any pieces damaged in transit.

Gail Pittman
Annabella Dinnerware Set

Annabella Dinnerware Set