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MultiPurpose Hand Painted Dinnerware Sets

12 days of christmas plates

Noel Set of 4 8"

12 Days of Christmas Plates


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gail pittman

12 Days of Christmas Plates

Noel Dinnerware Set

Gail Pittman's newest collection called "Noel" does feature a wonderful line of very Christmassy and truly exceptional pieces. One of them is none other than the totally fabulous Noel 12 Day of Christmas Plates. What makes these very seasonal plates so wonderful is this. They tell the complete story of what the meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas is all about and each of the 12 symbols depicted in these four elegant and beautiful plates have their own story to tell. Imagine having some very nice serving plates such as these for the Christmas holidays to either put on display or to use for the dessert side of the celebration dinner table.

The Noel 12 Days of Christmas Plates are every inch about Christmas and about the awesome birth of the Reason for the Season. These delicate and very lovely plates do indeed bring the Christmas carol about the 12 Days of Christmas to light, and to life, at the very same time. This is because they are designed gracefully with love and lots of artistic talent that comes across in a very subtle, yet powerful, sort of way. Christmas is a time of year to feel warmth and good will. These awesome Noel 12 Days of Christmas plates deliver that message in bold detail that is gentle and so very feeling. Come and experience the magic, the wonder of the 12 Days of Christmas with these special event plates, which will make your every Christmas special beyond belief.

Gail Pittman
Noel Dinnerware Set

Noel Dinnerware Set