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MultiPurpose Hand Painted Dinnerware Sets

Chirstmas Serving Tray

Noel 11"

Chirstmas Serving Tray


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gail pittman

Christmas Serving Tray

Noel Dinnerware Set

Gail has most thoughtfully created this noel Christmas serving tray to be a useful and creative addition to her range of hand painted noel dinnerware. Inspired by a visit she took with her husband to see the eighth century French Monasteries, Gail was inspired to create this joyful design by the pages of a book she purchased in France. This book contained intricate illustrations which the scribes and monks of the time had worked so hard to complete. Translating the Gospels by hand, they were able to complete this arduous task through the love and devotion they had for their Savior, our Lord.

Gail was inspired and moved by the commitment the monks and scribes had shown to fulfil this duty and in turn, she was given the idea for her special noel Christmas design, which will bring a welcome glow within the family home at this special time of year. Gail's noel Christmas serving tray is dishwasher and microwave safe and is of excellent quality and durability.

This noel Christmas serving tray is strongly edged with bold red and contains on the main body of the tray two beautifully entwined leaf style designs in deep red and green, highlighted throughout with a lighter, softer green for contrast. Set against a clear white background they give a cheerful, eye catching look which you cannot fail to notice; it will certainly raise your spirits!

Gail's noel Christmas serving tray can easily be used alone, with her other noel dinner ware or equally with most block color designs, which have an elegant simplicity about them. In fact, this noel design can only serve to enhance other pieces and, in turn, stands out beautifully as a brilliant infusion of color around your table and in your home.

Gail Pittman
Noel Dinnerware Set

Noel Dinnerware Set