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designer dinnerware

Honeysuckle 11"

Designer Dinnerware


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gail pittman

Designer Dinnerware

Honeysuckle Dinnerware Set

People in the market for a new set of designer dinnerware usually make their choice by selecting the dinner plate. It's what first catches your eye, the piece around which the table setting is built. If your reaction is a shrug, you move on and keep looking. But if there's a connection, that undefinable, but certain "wow" moment that lets you know you've made the right choice, then and only then do you start to examine the rest of the designer dinnerware pattern to figure out how many pieces you need to complete the set. But the dinner plate is what brought you there in the first place. And if the pattern on it happens to be Honeysuckle by Gail Pittman, rest assured you have excellent taste.

It's one of those timeless designs that's easy to co-ordinate with other patterns and colors. Maybe you already have a designer dinnerware set that is beginning to show a bit of wear and tear, especially the dinner plates which always seem to get the most use. If it's a solid color that co-ordinates well with the Honeysuckle motif, you can replace those chipped oldies with brand-new, chip-resistant plates. And if you happen to be a collector, one of those people for whom one plate is enough as long as it's exactly the right one, the Honeysuckle dinner plate will do your display cupboard proud.

Gail Pittman
Honeysuckle Dinnerware Set

Honeysuckle Dinnerware Set