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MultiPurpose Hand Painted Dinnerware Sets

designer dinnerware

Simply Blue 11"

Designer Dinnerware


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gail pittman

Designer Dinnerware

Simply Blue Dinnerware Set

When you spend money on Designer dinnerware it should make a statement, but it doesn't have to be bold to do so, nor should it cost you a paycheck. In fact with the Simply Blue collection from Gail Pittman you can still make a statement at your next dinner without having to spend a fortune on it. And you don't have to search from place to place buying each piece separately.

Instead you can always find the Designer dinnerware in the Simply Blue collection all in one place. You can purchase Designer dinnerware as part of a collection getting everything you need all in one set, or you can buy individual pieces based on what your table, or what your home needs. And each piece that you purchase of this Designer dinnerware, whether individually or in a set is handcrafted. Great care is taken into making each piece by hand, with an eye for detail and love for the creation itself.

Making a statement on your dinner table for guests means it can be simple without having to be boring. This collection of Designer dinnerware will bring out the blue in the sky if you are eating outdoors or just make the food shine and stand out with a flourish. No more mixing and matching when you can make your life simple by using this designer dinnerware.

Gail Pittman
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