Green Apple 13" Platter

Create your own individual table setting...mix patterns and designs...change your mind using our new glazed solid dinnerware...made with exceptional quality and design....Now you can have as many hand painted patterns as your heart desires..just use the solid glazed patterns as your background...

Apple Green...perfect to use with Vieux Carre', Tango, Gardenview, Honeysuckle, Chinatown, Annabella, Grapevine, and the Christmas pattern Noel.... My goodness...Apple Green must go with all the patterns too!

But wait ...there's more.....the glazed solids look great mixed with each other...AND...with the Simply Gail patterns! It's about the MIX...and boy do we have it!

Price $58.00

green apple platter
Green Apple13" platter
Dishwasher and microwave safe


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